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Do you want more movement? Adrenaline? Do you like to compete? Do you need an interesting program for teenagers? Would you like regular fun for every day? Are you more people and do you want more fun?

New Bali therapists

We are pleased to welcome two new professional therapists in our wellness team, Asri and Ayuni who come directly from Bali. They joint Dayu, who has been working with us for several years already. We are pleased that we have them with us. Thanks to them you will be able to experience the positive effects of Bali massages on your body and mind.

We use chlorine-free techniques to clean our pools.

Water is the basis of everything. It is everywhere in us, around us and brings peace and joy. And achieving peace, comfort and enjoyment is our goal and the Spa & Wellness. Therefore, in our pools we use thermal water purification technology using Duozónu that is gentle to your skin.

First Slovak Tesla Supercharger

The first station Tesla Supercharger in Slovakia is located near Hotel & Spa Resort Kaskady. It offers four charging points which, with parameters around 300 A and 120 kW, are able to fully charge your vehicle in 75 minutes.

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