Body massages and treatments

Make your stay with us perfect! We suggest you to enjoy massages and treatments. Graduating therapists, physiotherapists and masseurs

Experience maximal comfort and take advantage of the most effective treatment and therapeutic methods. Body treatments at our Wellness & Spa have been designed to harmonize the body, nourish the skin and bring a feeling of inner balance.

Classic massage
Each of us sometimes needs to relax and escape. The path to the perfect relaxation of body and spirit leads through a classic massage which helps neutralise constant feelings tension and stress.

Relaxation techniques for releasing stiff muscles in the neck and nape
This is a specific massage, whose main task is to eliminate pain and stiff neck, headaches and spine. The cause of which are, in majority of cases, the neck muscles. They can be stuck from drafts, bad sleeping position, prolonged sitting at the computer or in the car and so on. Releasing the back-bonehelps in improving the metabolism, better working brain, eye, adjust the heart rate, releases the whole spine, improving musculoskeletal system. Release will come immediately after the massage.                                                                                                                                        

Manual lymphatic drainage
Therapy for improving of the lymphatic and blood circulation, removing waste products from the body - detoxification.

One of the most interesting treatment methods of the past centuries slowly returns to the present practice. Today, though, not leeches but cupping glasses are used, by means of which undesirable substances are drained away from organism.

Lava stone massage
A very pleasant relaxation massage for channeling and regulation of the flow of energy in the meridians and chakras, thus achieving a more rapid harmony between body and spirit. It sometimes has a therapeutic nature, because it improves blood circulation, speeds up your metabolism, reduces men­tal stress, constricts muscles and activates detoxification of the organism, which helps remove waste from the body.

Reflexology foot massage
It is a massage, which became one of the most effective methods of alternative medicine. It is used to influence the painful zones, which are located in the skin and muscles. This method belongs to the most relaxing.             

Tibethian massage
Special technique uses energy of sound of Tibetan bowls, which are traditionally used for spiritual ritual by Buddhist monks. Massage technique uses Ku Nye therapy, therapeutic practice older more than 3 900 years. Ku - means the application or regreasing and consists of applying medical creams and oils to the whole body. Nye - refers to a separate body massage, and includes a variety of manual massage techniques to muscles throughout the body and Digitopressure on certain points.                                                                                                                                   

Butterfly massage
Aromatic and effective care of the skin all over the body that delivers visible rejuvenation and a sense of harmony. Enjoy a unique butterfly massage that will create a truly deep relaxation and a perfect hydratation of the dry, sensitive and tired skin. The unique composition of appliance with strong rejuvenating effects, certified according to the highest standards of ECOCERT is harmless to the environment and is suitable for sensitive skin apt to allergic reactions or eczema. The treatment includes: peeling, face and body [sacred nature] butterfly body massage.

Vulcanic body peeling
Peeling with oriental aroma
Peeling with Mediterranean aroma
Peeling with Indic aroma
Peeling with Arabic aroma                                                                                                                                   

Massage from four continents
New, unique relaxation massage contains the best elements of traditional techniques from the four corners of the world allowing us to create a unique personalized experience for deep relaxation of the body and refresh of the soul. It combines the power of traditional principles: Chinese tui-na massage, Mediterranean Roman massage, Indian soaking techniques and Arabic relaxation techniques. The elements of water, air, fire and earth strengthen the body, refresh the soul, take away the worry and create a feeling of perfect physical and mental harmony. You choose one of four fragrance compound according to your current state of mind. The therapist adapts intensity and moves of the massage according to the selection of the fragrance and creates wonderful, unique atmosphere, different from one massage to another, exactly the way you need.   

Teanquility - smoothness and release
Branded treatment against stress, for the feeling of perfect relaxation and luxury. Original procedures and techniques will pamper you from head to toes and take you to another world. After the first phase of the tender and fragrant relaxation follows the intensive and harmonizing massage with jade stones. These sacred stones come from China and they are a symbol of abundance and harmony and were traditionally used for block out and supplying energy. Then the whole body will be coddled with luxury hot milk flavor and texture, applied with the massage brush. This phase includes a gorgeous and hot compress and refreshing mask. At the moment your mind and body get to the state of complete relaxation, massage begins with deep velvety cream. Result: deep relaxation and calmness, rejuvenated and brightened skin of the face and body. The most beautiful and the most efficient way of washing the stress away: stress relief, deeper breathing, improving concentration, promoting quality sleep. Skin stays scented and incredibly smooth.

Peat wrap
Increases blood circulation, improves muscle and joint function, promotes faster absorption of blood lesions, improves the condition of orange skin, improves healing of heavy skin exhem, and much more. In the recent past, peat has also proven to be a prevention of obesity.

Toning wrap of fresh herbs
It is a wrap of fresh herbs, ideal for dry or exhausted skin, especially after sunbathing. After treatment, the skin is soft, silky and compact.

Tuscan Mud - Grotta Giusti
Packed with Tuscan mud, relief from pain and muscle tension, as well as tendons or joint pains, is achieved. At the same time, it stimulates the flow of energy, improves the firmness of the skin and releases toxins. Especially suitable for athletes and pregnant ladies.

Tranquility silk wrap
Wrap suitable especially for hydrating extremely dry skin.

Wrap Algae from Seaweed Algae - Laminaria
Marine algae supply minerals and nutrients, so this wrap not only hydrates the skin, it improves its micro regulation, but it also strengthens it. Specified is a special team that wants to get rid of cellulite. However, its composition is not suitable for pregnant women and people with thyroid disease.

Pack Bagni di Pisa Thermal Mud
Detoxication and anti-cellulitis have essential oils that support deep tissue cleaning and fight against all types of cellulite. The wrap is unsuitable for pregnant ladies and people with thyroid disease.

Super-efficient wrap Remodeller = Thermogenic attack
Especially for deep and resistant cellulite, this super-effective wrap is designed to reduce cellulite signs and promote overall body remodeling. It is particularly suitable for cellulite with locally stored fat. But for its extremely effective effect, it is not suitable for pregnant ladies, people with thyroid disease, but also with circulatory problems and fragile capillaries.


The highly efficient TechniSpa was developed on the basis of the latest scientific knowledge on cellulite, so it is extremely effective. The specially shaped head accurately copies the massage strokes of the cosmetics and perfectly adapts to the curves of the body. After the first treatment, the results are visible: cellulite stops, the skin smoothes, the body muscles are stronger and more toned. The revolutionary massage technique performs three different squeezing processes, supplemented with active ingredients of herbal extracts, to multiply the effectiveness of this extraordinary anti-cellulite treatment:

Crushing cellulite and fat
The massage head makes a soothing deep massage so that the skin tightens and smoothes it.

Removing cellulite
The gel used during the treatment contains the investigated test concentrate of the anti-cellulite active agents. Thanks to ionization, better and deeper injections into the skin, where cellulite is removed at the cellular level.

The massage head rollers provide fine muscle contractions, which promote the release of toxins and the decomposition of fat stores while at the same time strengthening the tissues and stimulating blood circulation. The result is stronger and tonic body shape.

For your comfort book your massage or treatment in advance on: 045/530 00 04, or Accomodated guests have a discount of 10 %.

Cancellation conditions for massages
Cancellation in the day of massage: 30 % of the massage price.
Cancelation 2 hours before massage: 100 % of the massage price.

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