Exotic Bali massage

Natural methods from ancient island generations will grant you extraordinary relaxation and energizing. Under the hands of tender but strong Bali therapists your muscles and joints will relax

About Bali massage

Flickering candle flame, aromatic oils, oriental frankincense, silent music... Bali massage is known for its exotic but very soothing atmosphere. It originated in Indonesia, especifically on the island of Bali. The technique of this massage comes from Indian Ayurvedic medicine, but it also carries elements of traditional Chinese therapy. This massage aims to improve the condition of the body and eliminates the deeper tension of the muscle tissue, but also strives for total relaxation of the mind. Bali massage is like a ceremony after which you feel relaxed and without external problems.

Acoording to the legend, it was the goddess of beauty - Lakshmi, derived from Hindu mythology, who, with her four hands, taught this massage technique to the people of Bali. Bali massage uses techniques and knowledge from acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy and even some yoga principles. The expansion of the India-China spice trade has led to the discovery of new knowledge and improvement of the Bali massage by incorporating therapeutic oils and healing herbs. Those promoted bali massage to one of the best exotic massages.
Bali massage uses traditional knowledge to achieve relaxation and stimulation leading to the harmonization of the whole body and mind.

Effects of Balinese Massage

As already mentioned, bali massage is well-known thanks to its positive effects:

  • Activates blood circulation
  • Improves the function of the lymphatic system
  • Fights musculature and joint pain, improves movement and muscle tone
  • Helps to treat allergies and other breathing problems
  • It reduces stress and tension, improving the heart rate
  • Helps improve sleep
  • It improves concentration and memory and helps reduce headaches and migraines
  • It alleviates and weakens states of anxiety and / or depression
  • Reduces cellulite

Bali massage, as stated in Hindu tradition, helps to open energy channels, so good energy is absorbed and bad energy can get out of the body. The main purpose of this massage is the overall state of harmony, not only the of the whole body but also the mind.

Relaxing Bali back massage
This massage employes rare high-quality oils and will help you regain your life force and make you feel younger. It has a beneficial impact on the orga­nism; it harmonizes the body-spirit balance, stimulates muscles and blood circulation, increases the body’s defenses and reduces stress.

Whole body relaxing massage
Whole-body relaxation massage with lotus oil protects the skin against free radicals. It supports metabolism, blood circulation inskin and its better supply of minerals.

Whole body Lotus Crystal massage
This whole body massage with oils and gemstones derives from traditional Asian massage and therapies of the reflex zones. Pink quartz and mountain crystal help unblock energy centres. You will feel your lost energy return.

Rajawatu massage – the royal ritual
The royal ritual of Rajawatu brings relaxation and perfect harmony. The procedure begins with a welcoming ritual: the feet are placed in a fragrant bath, the senses inhale the enchanting aroma while ambrosial sounds open the gate to relaxation. The body is massaged from top to toe using warm aromatic massage stones created especially for each client. Medicinal crystals, incorporated into an orange massage balsam, penetrate the skin by virtue of the heat from the stones; energy centres are activated, the flow of lymph is rectified, muscles are relaxed, the body is rested.

                         Ayuni                                                Dayu                                                    Asri
                   Bali therapist                                   Bali therapist                                        Bali therapist

For your convenience, book your treatments in advance by phone on the phone numbers:
+421 45 530 00 04 or wellnessrecepcia@hotelkaskady.sk. We offer a 10 % discount to our guests.

Cancellation During the massage:
Repeal massage in the day ordered deadline 30 % off massages.
Repeal massage 2 hours before the commencement of 100 % of the massage.

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