Good food is an inseparable part of perfect relaxation and therefore our team of chefs prepare meals according to traditional recipes using fresh, seasonal ingredients from local producers

 "An integral part of relax and perfect experience of your stay is exceptional gastronomy. Chefs’ team under my leadership prepares daily delicious meals from domestic and international cuisine with love for you. Quality of the food in our hotel starts with buying of quality ingredients and therefore is our kitchen focused on regional producers, growers and farmers. Do not expect to be served in 10 minutes, because I lay emphasis particular on preparation, strict adherence to recipes and preservation of traditional practices that have already disappeared from the restaurant. For busy guests we offer daily menu, dinner is served in a rich buffet style. I am looking forward to welcoming you in our hotel restaurant and in Original Restaurant & Wine Bar. "

František Mátéffy (Chef)


  • Light and delicious menu
  • Excellent quality at reasonable prices
  • Domestic, daily baked bread
  • Emphasis on respect for traditional recipes
  • Homemade ​​salsa, pesto and spreads
  • Homemade cakes and desserts
  • Pure fresh ingredients
  • Cooperation with local suppliers and farmers
  • Creating a menu according to season
  • Offer of high quality domestic and international wines
  • 80 % of food in the menu are suitable for celiacs 


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