Trendy accommodation package for women

That exactly express what BABINEC in the Hotel Kaskady represents/means - a repeated meetings of ladies in different age who regularly come as well as receiving those, who have decided to come for the first time. The ladies will give themselves four days of relaxation for their body and soul, enjoy massages and relaxation in the extraordinary wellness and spa center, will taste excellent healthy meals and drinks in the restaurant and will enjoy many pleasant meetings in the lobby bar, too.

Start your activities and come. You will enjoy contentment, course of yoga and interesting information, extraordinary meetings and take a liking to your future friends. The special days are waiting for you from 17th to 20th of March 2018  with BABINEC.

Come, definitely, because we prepared something special for you – inspiration and encouragement. Exceptional meeting with the lady of fashion, the classy and unique woman. Lýdia Eckhardt. We are going to talk not only about fashion, but also about business, traveling.....these and more you will find in the latest book of Mrs. Lýdia „To run towards the happiness “ with subheading „the journey of ordinary life without the rose-coloured glasess“. There is a little opportunity to listen to her opinions, advices and reflections, because she is very busy and active person. The lady with style helping to create it also to us.

To the luggage do not forget to pack beautiful dresses, high heels, jewellery and the mood to edifying music. Magical will be the concert of talented pianist Jozef Holý and his Piano show. Familiar tones will make your evening unforgettable, crowned with the private after party. In fact, the whole BABINEC is unforgettable for each of us.......

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